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labangel's Profile

Date Joined
Salary Range
100,000 - 149,999
Computer Programming
Age Range
About Me
Code monkey finally made it to sunny Silicon Valley
Why I Joined
I've read lots of PF blog, figure it's time to give back.
Best Financial Decision
Going to the college that gave me a full ride
Worst Financial Decision
Current Investing Strategy
Switch jobs to get exposure to lots of teams, technologies, companies, incomes, work-life balances I have a mini-portfolio in Robinhood where I trade very frequently so I can get the antsiness out of my system. That way I don't touch my 401K and IRA accts.
How do you manage your finances?
Automatic deduction to 401K, everything else is manual right now
What tools do you use?
Just signed up for Personal Capital, the US Sector Asset Allocation is intriguing
I need financial help with...
So many things: making more money, having a partner with a different approach to money, having more than one income stream, being correctly insured, budgeting, and what the heck are backdoor roth ira's?
Favorite Authors
I've read so many PF blogs and articles
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
2017 - August $168,514
2017 - July $164,902
2017 - June $151,660
2017 - May $145,008
2017 - March $130,692
2017 - February $117,901
2017 - January $108,616
2016 - December $102,655