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Appliedvalueinvestor's Profile

United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
200,000 - 249,999
Science & Research
Age Range
About Me
Family man, value investor
Why I Joined
To track networth and be inspired
Best Financial Decision
Buy Chipotle stock when the world was selling
Worst Financial Decision
Buying a property in Gainesville FL in 2010
Current Investing Strategy
Max out on retirement accounts, stay invested in diversified ETF portfolio and add long term value bargains to my brokerage portfolio
How do you manage your finances?
Personal Capital, Excel and Python tools that I put together
Favorite Authors
Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, Seth Klarman,
Favorite Books
Margin of Safety, The Most Important Thing, How to Fail at Almost Everything and still be Successful, Education of a Value Investor, Outsiders
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
All values shown in USD ($)
2019 - June $1,785,542 $617,567 $1,167,975
2019 - May $1,795,266 $626,036 $1,169,230
2019 - April $1,795,205 $634,281 $1,160,924
2019 - March $1,770,399 $634,066 $1,136,333