BA70's Net Worth for January 2014

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $3,902 ($4,390) (52.94%)
Stocks $49,100 ($649) (1.30%)
Bonds $40,654 $411 1.02%
Annuities $0 - -
Retirement $479,897 $8,843 1.88%
Home $246,196 $7,640 3.20%
Other Real Estate $0 - -
Cars $0 - -
Personal Property $0 - -
Other Assets $0 - -
$819,749 $11,855 1.47%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $98,329 ($2,054) (2.05%)
Other Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Student Loans $0 - -
Credit Cards $0 - -
Car Loans $0 - -
Other Debts $0 - -
Total Debts $98,329 ($2,054) (2.05%)
Net Worth $721,420 $13,909 1.97%
*All values shown in USD ($)
01/04/2014 Happy New Year. Pulled the trigger on a car. Bought a 2004 Honda Civic with 124k for $4200. I feel like I got a pretty good deal, my mechanic said the car is in excellent condition. The timing belt was replaced at 105k, the stereo is after stock and MP3/USB friendly, so I feel like I am well ahead of the game on this car. One could say that I settled a little, but right after I cashed out $7k for the car we got whacked with some medical bills, so I lowered my car allowance to deal with the bills. Bumped up the house value to reflect the latest from Zillow. I feel like we are close to topping out, as I am seeing numerous houses up for sale in the neighborhood, and none of them seem to be selling. Generally these houses are larger than ours, and priced in the low 300's. I guess this isn't exactly house shopping season, but one can always sell their house quickly if the price is right... Now more than ever I am feeling that it may be time to go to cash. Art Cashin has been talking about how the typical Santa Clause rally has it's wheels come off in mid-January. I doubt I'll actually do anything, but the temptation continues to grow. 01/12/2014 Global Transient Amnesia. I'd love to forget that we just came face to face with this, but the medical bills will remind us for the rest of 2014. Life... 01/19/2014 I love that when people ask me about my new car I get this look of disgust when I tell them the year and how many miles are on it.