FatStacks' Net Worth for January 2023

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $4,113 ($135) (3.18%)
Stocks $182 $50 37.88%
Company equity $26,081 - -
HSA $15,463 $1,034 7.17%
Cars $50,438 - -
Home $210,000 - -
Cryptocurrency $17,388 $4,624 36.23%
401k - Traditional $19,692 $3,302 20.15%
401k - Roth $0 - -
401k (old employer) $133,897 $9,647 7.76%
401k (older employer) $178,534 $14,931 9.13%
401k - Trad. (spouse) $13,508 $2,558 23.36%
Profit Sharing (spouse) $54,753 $3,576 6.99%
Boat $45,000 - -
$769,049 $39,587 5.43%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage (15yr 3%) $112,258 ($631) (0.56%)
Student Loans (2.8%) $4,829 ($132) (2.66%)
Credit Cards $2,842 $947 49.97%
Car Loan (72mo 3.82%) $52,235 ($815) (1.54%)
Furniture (0%) $3,279 ($118) (3.47%)
HELOC (8.25%) $25,400 ($3,858) (13.19%)
Total Debts $200,843 ($4,607) (2.24%)
Net Worth $568,206 $44,194 8.43%
*All values shown in USD ($)
Paid down HELOC with some side work money.

I'm pretty sure we're going to owe ~$6k in income taxes this year.

529: $57,000
FICO: 847

We went on a pretty expensive weekend getaway this month and have a cruise next month that's paid for (cruise/flight). I figure we'll still end up shelling out ~$1,200 in tips/fees/taxes/spending.

I had to rob Peter to pay Paul this month and more of the same next month with our vacations that we tend to overspend on. I might have to scale back my 401k a bit to get back on track.


2/1/2023 7:49:32 AM FatStacks
We could go on *less* vacations, have more money in the bank, and live a lower-stress life. Instead we choose life experiences with friends/family RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I'm okay with being a little broke month-to-month and driving my piece of crap 18-year old truck as long as we continue to enjoy life :)
2/2/2023 12:45:09 PM girlnextdoor
I am currently trying to figure out balance similarly .... I'm getting estimates for a bathroom reno that I'd love to do that will probably cost at least $100k. Last year we put about $35k into savings, so we could cut savings for a few years and have cash for it in ~3-4 years (even if we didn't cut back on any spending). All of our savings (retirement, 529s, etc.) would be FINE if we didn't contribute for a few years. But I'm so used to saving a lot that the idea of NOT saving (or even saving less) just feels too weird. But I know it makes sense to balance life right now - and an upgrade that could mean the difference between staying in our home 20+ more years vs. wanting to move when my kids are a little bigger! - with an unknown future, but I haven't yet settled on where that balance is for me.
2/23/2023 11:18:31 AM FatStacks
The way things are now (housing costs, interest rates, market uncertainty) I'd feel good about putting money into our own house if it meant being able to live here longer (comfortably) versus having to find new housing. We love our neighborhood (and neighbors) and have good schools through - if that weren't the case, I wouldn't even consider it. As a prodigious saver such as yourself (starting at 22 is REALLY great!), I can see how it would be hard to break from tradition. Good luck in whatever direction you choose; I'm sure you'll make wise decisions!