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Date Joined
Salary Range
60,000 - 69,999
Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
Age Range
About Me
50-something single New Englander with a prodigious savings rate offset by multiple layoffs over a 35-year career as a marketing writer and journalist. Currently working a contract job as a proofreader in pharma industry.
Why I Joined
I like to hold myself accountable.
Best Financial Decision
Aggressively prepaying my mortgage and eventually paying off a 30-year loan in 17 years.
Worst Financial Decision
Choosing not to finish law school, possibly. Picking the wrong law school to attend.
Current Investing Strategy
Finding a job after a layoff! As for investments, I favor low-cost Vanguard index mutual funds.
How do you manage your finances?
I do monthly and annual expense and investment reports using forms I've created through trial and error.
What tools do you use?
I take advantage of free portfolio checkups and retirement planning with Vanguard and T. Rowe Price.
I need financial help with...
Nothing specific. Early retirement is uppermost in my mind but I can't see a way around the need for affordable healthcare, which usually means an employer-sponsored plan. Fortunately, my home is paid for and I live pretty simply so month-to-month. expenditures will hopefully remain low.
Favorite Authors
Favorite Books
The Millionaire Next Door, Frugal Gazette, Your Money or Your Life.
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Net Worth Entries
2017 - November $1,259,600 $0 $1,259,600
2017 - October $1,277,508 $0 $1,277,508
2017 - August $1,222,215 $0 $1,222,215
2017 - March $1,214,065 $0 $1,214,065
2017 - February $1,182,560 $0 $1,182,560
2016 - November $1,240,968 $0 $1,240,968