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FlyHighForever's Profile

United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
250,000 +
Real Estate/Mortgage
Age Range
About Me
Business owner, real estate agent and investor.
Why I Joined
Looking for simple visual graphs to better track my net worth. Want to see where other people are going and how they are getting there.
Best Financial Decision
Marrying my wife.
Worst Financial Decision
Marrying my wife.
Current Investing Strategy
Invest 10% pre-tax into 401k. Invest 10% into tithing and charitable contributions. Trust in God. Invest 10% into current businesses and save for new businesses. Invest 20% into income producing real estate.
What tools do you use?
Bank. Google spreadsheets. Everydollar.
I need financial help with...
Simple budgeting. Great with "big rocks" investing. Need help with the little stuff. Would like to learn more about index funds and where others are putting money in the stock market.
Favorite Authors
Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi, Dave Ramsey, Get Rich Slowly blog, Afford Anything blog, Grant Cardone.
Favorite Books
***Finance Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrants, Millionaire Next Door, Richest Man In Babylon, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Total Money Makeover, The Automatic Millionaire, Money: Mastering The Game.
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Net Worth Entries
All values shown in USD ($)
2018 - September $1,263,309 $589,139 $674,170
2018 - August $1,222,445 $602,235 $620,210
2018 - July $1,213,032 $618,488 $594,544
2018 - June $1,188,962 $647,384 $541,578
2018 - May $1,319,712 $727,338 $592,374
2018 - April $1,184,379 $725,022 $459,357
2018 - March $1,196,129 $689,972 $506,157