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Focusmate's Profile

Date Joined
Salary Range
60,000 - 69,999
Age Range
About Me
Live in a nice part of the North of England. 1 income between the 2 of us and 2 lovely kids. Love time with family and with friends enjoy watching sports drinking beer and also a few bets on the sport.
Why I Joined
Set goals targets etc and track back to see how far I have come. Also have goal of being able to stop full time work and do 6 or 9 month contracts freeing up the summer to spend with family and relaxing. Need to build up my pension big time.
Best Financial Decision
Enjoying gambling as a hobby and probabilities. Helps you make big decisions such as a tracker vs fixed mortgage. As for the gambling itself keep it small time and do OK with all the online loss leader offers.
Worst Financial Decision
Spending my 20s travelling and enjoying life, which I don't regret at all. Also I guess having 2 young children now which I also don't regret !
Current Investing Strategy
Start smashing pension to enable me to quit full time work.
How do you manage your finances?
Mostly online and when at work.........
Favorite Movies
The good the bad and the ugly
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
2018 - January $632,250 $110,500 $521,750
2017 - November $619,750 $111,500 $508,250
2017 - October $617,750 $112,000 $505,750
2017 - July $622,200 $114,000 $508,200
2017 - June $618,000 $116,000 $502,000
2017 - May $613,000 $116,500 $496,500
2017 - April $611,000 $117,000 $494,000