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GetMeOutofWork's Profile

United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
40,000 - 49,999
Utilities (Oil/Gas/Other)
Age Range
Best Financial Decision
Putting money into my 457(b) account.
Worst Financial Decision
Putting all of the money in my 475(b) account into an income fund between 2015-2017.
Current Investing Strategy
Pay off my car and invest as much as possible
How do you manage your finances?
I spend less than I earn and I try to avoid debt as much as possible.
What tools do you use?
Excel and Quicken.
I need financial help with...
Earning more money.
Favorite Authors
Brad and Jonathan from the ChooseFI podcast. I also like Paula Pant from Afford Anything.
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
All values shown in USD ($)
2018 - October $179,972 $778 $179,194
2018 - September $184,021 $5,939 $178,082