JayManC's Net Worth for February 2009

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $8,208 $4,325 111.38%
Stocks $0 - -
Retirement $9,738 ($531) (5.17%)
Home $145,000 - -
Cars $1,100 - -
Personal Property $0 - -
Other Assets $0 - -
$164,046 $3,794 2.37%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $137,415 ($185) (0.13%)
Other Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Student Loans $3,884 - -
Credit Cards $2,857 $315 12.39%
Car Loans $0 - -
Other Debts $0 - -
Total Debts $144,156 $130 0.09%
Net Worth $19,890 $3,664 22.58%
*All values shown in USD ($)
Running late on February's entry. I had to go off my EOM statement from Mint for inputs which may have skewed some of the numbers. I know my cash on hand looks high because it was before the bill payments had been transferred out of checking. To date I transferred funds out of my savings and maxed out my 2008 Roth with USAA. Upped my TSP contributions to 15%. I need to quit procrastinating and file my taxes now that Roth is up. I have been getting alot of responses to my postings here to people that I'm guessing are in similar situations either financially, or lifestyle/occupationally. I thank everyone who has emailed me. One of the messages inquired at my reasoning not to put more toward my mortgage in an effort to get out of PMI. To that I will say that my loan is VA backed, not conventional and don't have PMI. Now that I've gotten my feet back on the ground wrt finances it's been difficult to avoid the toys. Spring is coming up and I've wanted to get a motorcycle for some time. Sounds like I need to read my copy of Dave Ramsey's book again. I just keep thinking about getting my student loan paid off, my laptop, and getting more savings in the bank should I decide to get out in a few years when my obligation is up. Time will tell...