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JoshPE's Profile

United Kingdom Pound - GBP
Date Joined
Salary Range
10,000 - 19,999
Age Range
About Me
Started my net worth building journey when I turned sixteen years old. Training to become a gas engineer so salary is currently on the low end.
Why I Joined
Keep tracking :)
Best Financial Decision
Started investing in mutual funds and property crowdfunding.
Worst Financial Decision
Current Investing Strategy
Saving to get on the property ladder, then eventually into real estate.
How do you manage your finances?
By myself.
What tools do you use?
Budgeting tool called YNAB.
I need financial help with...
Growing my income.
Favorite Books
Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
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Net Worth Entries
All values shown in GBP (£)
2019 - February £23,378 £319 £23,059
2019 - January £22,059 £466 £21,593