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Juanito4321's Profile

United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
90,000 - 99,999
Age Range
About Me
27 - working towards FIRE
Why I Joined
Curious about others net worth
Best Financial Decision
Putting money into vanguard mutual funds to start my investing career
Worst Financial Decision
Selling funds when the market corrected a bit during 2015
Current Investing Strategy
Low cost index funds, using traditional 401k and Roth IRA to provide some tax sheltering, eventually some real estate and some type of side gig / business.
How do you manage your finances?
Never been a big spender and putting everything on autopilot. 401k, ira, Autopay anything that makes your life easier to protect yourself from yourself has worked pretty well for me.
What tools do you use?
Mint. I was using spreadsheets but that just stared to be a bit overkill.
I need financial help with...
Particularity interested in taking additional risk into quantitative trading or investing to get a higher return then passive investing. Learning how to travel more with less and get more efficient with my spending while still maximizing my lifestyle.
Favorite Authors
Mr Money Mustache has been an eye opener. Pretty much any blogger / personality that shows what they do and how they did it helps to paint the picture that anyone can be successful with the right mindset.
Favorite Books
Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Intelligent Investor, Hatchet, The Blue Ocean Strategy, and Go Dog Go.
Favorite Movies
Tommy Boy, Shawshank redemption, and Plan 9 from Outer Space to name a couple.
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2018 - December $494,000 $279,000 $215,000
2018 - August $485,547 $280,516 $205,031
2018 - July $477,000 $279,000 $198,000
2018 - June $466,400 $279,000 $187,400
2018 - January $180,000 $0 $180,000
2017 - December $167,000 $0 $167,000
2017 - November $153,800 $0 $153,800
2017 - October $142,678 $494 $142,184