Sparkynutz's Net Worth for January 2022

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $61,000 $2,000 3.39%
Stocks $28,000 ($6,000) (17.65%)
Bonds $0 - -
Annuities $0 - -
Retirement $16,000 $2,000 14.29%
Home $280,000 - -
Other Real Estate $5,000 - -
Cars $47,000 $1,000 2.17%
Personal Property $25,000 $5,000 25.00%
Other Assets $0 - -
$462,000 $4,000 0.87%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $54,000 ($2,000) (3.57%)
Other Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Student Loans $0 - -
Credit Cards $0 - -
Car Loans $0 - -
Other Debts $0 - -
Total Debts $54,000 ($2,000) (3.57%)
Net Worth $408,000 $6,000 1.49%
*All values shown in USD ($)


2/5/2022 8:34:07 PM Sparkynutz
Jobs going well. I got a raise to $35.68hr but not getting much OT now that they hired a bunch of guys. Wife got a raise to $20hr. We are doing well cash wise even with blowing more than usual on Christmas presents. First driveway pour was completed last fall costing about $2k to re grade from deck to garage removing 2 deck steps and adding concrete along 3 sides of detached garage and to deck. Minor projects around home and more freetime sure has been good. Turned down a good job 6 blocks from my house. $32hr but not very good perks and no flexibility on hours or days. Hard to give up flexibility and perks of Broan even with the long drive. Found a wallet at a stop sign on way to work yesterday. Had $100+ in it. Looked guy up on Facebook from the ID in it and was able to meet up today. He seemed like a nice guy that just had a woops moment. Glad I could get it back to him. Hopefully everyone else in this same situation would do the same.
2/9/2022 12:21:58 AM azphx1972
You're a really decent human for going to all that trouble to return the lost wallet! On behalf of people who have lost personal items, thank you! And congrats on your raise!
2/15/2022 4:59:14 PM labangel
My partner lost his wallet a couple blocks from home and someone returned it to the local post office. Was so glad to get it back! Thank you for returning the wallet and congrats on your raise!