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TaintedTiara's Profile

Date Joined
Salary Range
80,000 - 89,999
Computer Programming
Age Range
About Me
Independent woman with two divorces, two adult kids paying down $150k worth of Parent Plus loans at a furious pace
Why I Joined
To stay motivated to keep my net worth rising as fast as possible
Best Financial Decision
Finally learning how to take control of my finances
Worst Financial Decision
Sooooo about buying an RV with a $400 payment instead of saving for my kids' college!
Current Investing Strategy
Snowballing debt
How do you manage your finances?
I obsess over my numbers every day
What tools do you use?
Excel and
I need financial help with...
Once my debts are paid off I'll need investment advice
Favorite Authors
Mr. Money Mustache, J Money, Dave Ramsey, Bogleheads
Favorite Books
Harry Potter, Stephen King, anything personal finance or Stoicism related
Favorite Movies
A Fish Called Wanda, Vegas Vacation
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
2018 - March $427,113 $236,242 $190,871
2018 - January $424,157 $242,948 $181,209
2017 - December $416,325 $258,925 $157,400
2017 - November $414,003 $259,663 $154,340