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Canada Dollar - CAD
Date Joined
Salary Range
30,000 - 39,999
Age Range
About Me
Self-Employed business owners, we like to invest and are just starting to take it seriously.
Why I Joined
I want to track my own Net Worth.
Best Financial Decision
Learning about investing.
Worst Financial Decision
Using too much credit and not investing earlier.
Current Investing Strategy
Our current goal is to get out of debt using the current bear market to our advantage. Once out of debt investing in long-term dividend stocks to increase cash flow or buying oversold growth stocks and holding long-term.
How do you manage your finances?
I use Google Sheets mostly to organize finances.
What tools do you use?
Google Sheets, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, and various other sites.
I need financial help with...
umm, I think I have a very good understanding of a lot of financial topics. If I had to choose an area I need help... Probably budgeting more or spending less.
Favorite Authors
I like a lot of people... Dave Ramsay, but not for investing. Markos Whiteboard, Joseph Carlson, The Swedish Investor. A few others I'm not sure of at the moment.
Favorite Books
Get rich with dividends, the intelligent investor even though it is boring, I like The Richest Man in Babylon a lot, and also The Wealthy Barber is good.
Favorite Movies
Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Last Samurai, Tokyo Drift... I love a lot of movies and shows.
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2022 - June $14,875 $18,449 ($3,574)
2022 - May $9,592 $12,450 ($2,858)