challengeclub's Net Worth for October 2021

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Savings $443,100 $50,900 12.98%
Stocks $119,900 ($56,300) (31.95%)
Bonds $34,700 - -
Superannuation $168,600 $300 0.18%
House $0 - -
Investment Property $300,000 $25,000 9.09%
Cars $10,000 - -
Personal Property $10,000 - -
Other Assets $13,000 ($11,500) (46.94%)
$1,099,300 $8,400 0.77%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
House Mortgage $0 - -
IP Mortgage $133,500 - -
Credit Cards $0 - -
Car Loans $0 - -
Other Debts $0 ($17,900) -
Total Debts $133,500 ($17,900) (11.82%)
Net Worth $965,800 $26,300 2.80%
*All values shown in AUD ($)

Cash includes half of joint account with Robert
All my bank accounts
All of joint account with Inna
My Cash notes
All of Inna's bank accounts and cash ($10,000 estimated)

Stocks is holdings (and any cash in accounts) within ANZ
Plus all holdings and cash within CommSec
All of holding plus cash within Westpac (In Inna's name but clearly jointly funded and will be used for House plus joint retirement)

Bonds is Rental Bond $2200
Plus Land Deposit for House $32500
Bonds: $34700

Both combined and assumed as $10K

Reduced to $10K (this will be increased once set up house in future)

Is new asset under Other Assets


Apartment IP:
Assume value of the IP is now - after insane real estate growth this year - $600K approx
The G1 apartments have similar units sold/listed for $600-700K
Safe to say no view is $600K at a minimum
So changed now from $550K to $600K
Likely next month or DEC will revise again as there is an apartment for sale in The Mercer now for $850-900K which is only different in that it has a big balcony and is 8th floor. So if sells for $850K then at a min that makes the IP $700K (assuming $150K less).

Land should be settled in November and will be paid for in cash - there will be costs with this but overall networth will go up because the land is now worth more than contract price - all to be adjusted then once settled
***Will on settlement in November - so probably not entered until December Entry - reduce cash balance and deposit bond and pay fees too - but will add value of the land as more like $390K (based on latest release for equivalent block) so networth will be up even more - possible reach the $1M mark finally!***