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Date Joined
Salary Range
200,000 - 249,999
Age Range
About Me
I’m in my 40’s and live with my wife and two children. I’ve had many jobs throughout my life including unloading trucks at the local chocolate factory, stacking shelves in supermarkets, worked in construction paving driveways and laying concrete, putting up timber frames and digging a lot of holes.
Why I Joined
I do feel it’s important to establish some credibility when putting your views and comments out there for the world to read. Part of the reason in doing this is to provide a record of all my actions for others to learn from, and to let them know that even a simple kid from a small town with the right attitude, a supportive environment and a willingness to learn is able to achieve financial independence.
Best Financial Decision
Buy property and don't sell.
Worst Financial Decision
Using the wrong advisers
Current Investing Strategy
Property Development to generate capital for additional developments and to pay down existing debt quicker.
How do you manage your finances?
Mainly self managed. Some Index Funds.
What tools do you use?
I need financial help with...
Capital raising
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
2018 - April $7,864,044 $4,222,305 $3,641,739
2018 - March $7,463,765 $4,235,718 $3,228,047