kinless' Net Worth for March 2010

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $146,633 $5,034 3.56%
Stocks $0 - -
Bonds $0 - -
Annuities $1,661 $50 3.10%
Retirement $36,003 $1,930 5.66%
Home $0 - -
Other Real Estate $0 - -
Cars $7,500 - -
Personal Property $7,500 $2,500 50.00%
Other $0 - -
$199,297 $9,514 5.01%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Other Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Student Loans $0 - -
Credit Cards $1,380 $258 22.99%
Car Loans $0 - -
Other $0 - -
Total Debts $1,380 $258 22.99%
Net Worth $197,917 $9,256 4.91%
*All values shown in USD ($)
Everything continues its upward motion. The first big check of the year has come and provided a nice boost. Stocks also continue their rebound and add to the total. Not complaining at all. An extra boost, which some may call artificial, is the addition of "Personal Property" values to my total net worth, which is the reason for the seemingly huge spike on the line. Since I'm a big nerd, I've got lots of gizmos, some over 10 years old, that still hold a decent street value. For example, the lens I've acquired for my SLR camera... the resale value on those stay extremely high, in some cases more than I originally invested into it. So I figured to add those since people buy/sell/trade them all the time, and could easily be swapped for cash if necessary. I've also included any electronics or computer equipment with a current value still over $250. I have some collectible items which could probably add to the Personal Property total, but I'm not going to bother itemizing all that stuff. Just the big-ticket items are good enough. I do have some taxes and other expenses next month, so don't expect the net worth line to increase much for April. Oh well, it's an annual thing that must be done.