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United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
50,000 - 59,999
Education, Training & Library Sciences
Age Range
Why I Joined
Want to learn more about the best ways to save my money and see my net worth grow over time.
Best Financial Decision
Paying off my student loans before coming back from abroad. Learning how to live with less.
Worst Financial Decision
1. Blowing it all on partying, food, and travel during my study abroad. 2. Giving up an opportunity because I thought I needed to save more money than I did.
Current Investing Strategy
2016: Sending about 40% of my income every month to my student loans to have them paid off by summer 2017. After that, send a good chuck of that money to investments while saving some of the rest for a bigger emergency fund. ; 2018: Working on getting my 401k started up and researching for my first credit card. Also looking to open a savings account to keep my emergency fund. ; 2018: Sent my emergency fund to my new savings account. Sending 50% of my income (25% ROTH 25% Traditional) to my company's 401K (no match yet, need to work at the company for a year)
How do you manage your finances?
2016: Honestly, there's not much to manage. I don't have a credit card or any assets whatsoever. My only debt is my student loan. I try to be as frugal as possible in my day to day life. That's about it. ; 2018: Still trying to be as frugal as possible. I share rent; my boyfriend pays for groceries and I pay utilities. It works for us.
What tools do you use?
2016: Pen and paper (was using Mint but I live abroad now). ; 2018: Living back in the States. Still doing the pen and paper method. I have so few expenses that it works just as well as Mint, and I like to see the numbers hanging on my fridge each day.
I need financial help with...
2016: How to invest and save for retirement. ; 2018: How to invest and save for retirement. How to retire early. How to prepare financially for moving back abroad. ; 2018: How to best allocate my money to save for an early retirement. How much should I sent to my 401K vs. ROTH IRA or brokerage acct? Also, how do I invest foreign earned income (along with US income?)
Favorite Books
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up; Getting Things Done
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Net Worth Entries
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2018 - November $35,395 $0 $35,395
2018 - September $31,933 $0 $31,933
2018 - August $29,130 $0 $29,130
2018 - July $27,189 $0 $27,189
2018 - May $21,658 $0 $21,658
2018 - February $15,572 $0 $15,572
2016 - September $13,797 $9,222 $4,575