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HDuenas' Profile

Date Joined
Salary Range
40,000 - 49,999
Age Range
Why I Joined
Tracking is one of the best success tips I have ever received. I wanted to join NetworthShare to track my net-worth from the first day I started to track. This will allow me to look back and see how my net-worth changes monthly.
Best Financial Decision
Personal Development - The best and most valuable tool someone will ever use - I started reading books, listening to audio books, etc... The best financial investment I will ever make, is an investment in myself so I'm always investing in my personal growth.
Worst Financial Decision
Not having the opportunity of starting my Personal Development journey earlier.
Current Investing Strategy
Every time money comes into my account, I make sure I pay myself first. I got this strategy from W. Buffett, he said: "Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving." I am going to start investing in Real Estate, market is extremely hot. I'm also planning on developing my own brand. I have few ideas in mind, I just have to implement them.
How do you manage your finances?
Tracking. I keep an APP in my phone called SPENDING TRACKER. Every time money comes out of my account, I log the amount in this app. Then, every 15th and 30th/31st of every month, I log all my expenses from the app into an Excel spreadsheet. This sheet also shows my net-worth, average spending monthly, debts, income coming in and out, etc... This spreadsheet makes it easier for me to then bring the numbers and just fill in here in NetworthShare.
What tools do you use?
I'm curently using Excel Sheets a friend created for me that has already formulas built-in. I'm also using an app (very useful). Soon will be using my Investment Account...
I need financial help with...
Investing - This is one of the areas I would like to get more involved in.
Favorite Authors
Abraham Lincoln. Denzel Washington. Jim Rohn (Huge Follower) John C. Maxwell. Darren Hardy. Zig Zigglar. Tony Robins. Warren Buffet. Just to mention a few. I always try to listen and read different books from different authors.
Favorite Books
Think and Grow Rich. Unshakeable. The Definite Book of Body Language. The Compound Effect. The Secret. Hyper Sales Growth. These are just a few that really have helped me turn my life around since I started my Personal Development journey in 2014.
Favorite Movies
Pursue of Happiness. I do not watch that much TV, however, I am a big fan of Action movies...
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
2017 - August $28,741
2017 - July $23,672
2017 - June $22,464
2017 - May $21,012
2017 - April $20,943
2017 - March $22,776
2017 - February $21,167
2017 - January $19,385
2016 - December $24,295
2016 - November $20,700
2016 - October $24,933
2016 - September $22,188
2016 - August $20,376
2016 - July $20,570
2016 - June $20,570
2016 - May $5,227