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DivInvestor's Profile

Canada Dollar - CAD
Date Joined
Salary Range
70,000 - 79,999
Age Range
Why I Joined
I'm interested in learning from those with high net worth
Best Financial Decision
buying real estate and being disciplined about saving money
Worst Financial Decision
selling a home that increased 9x in value. Buying mutual funds for way too long.
Current Investing Strategy
converting assets to cash. buying only dividend paying stocks.
How do you manage your finances?
I do it myself online.
What tools do you use?
I read alot. I use info from my trading platform. I like Seeking Alpha website
I need financial help with...
I want to know how others with similar net worth and age stop working and enjoy their life.
Favorite Authors
Warren Buffet
Favorite Books
Millionaire Next Door
Favorite Movies
I'm not a big movie guy. Media for me is CNBC and Sports
Last Login
Net Worth Entries
All values shown in CAD ($)
2018 - May $5,395,000 $393,000 $5,002,000
2017 - December $4,974,590 $400,000 $4,574,590
2016 - December $4,443,100 $0 $4,443,100
2014 - December $4,003,655 $0 $4,003,655