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Moneybee's Profile

United States Dollar - USD
Date Joined
Salary Range
30,000 - 39,999
Administrative Support/Clerical
Age Range
Why I Joined
So someday I can see how far I've come
Best Financial Decision
Paid off about $3000 in student loans (including one full loan group!) before they entered repayment
Worst Financial Decision
Gave up applying for a work study job sophomore year of college because I got rejected by my dream work study job (Happy ending: applied for and got one junior year, got offered the dream job without applying senior year!)
Current Investing Strategy
Pay down debt steadily (avalanche method) + build emergency fund, cover non-recurring shared expenses with (far further in debt) significant other, start 401(k) when eligible (7/2019)
What tools do you use?
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Net Worth Entries
All values shown in USD ($)
2019 - March $11,307 $32,067 ($20,760)
2019 - February $10,197 $32,686 ($22,489)
2017 - May $2,208 $43,169 ($40,961)