challengeclub's Net Worth for May 2021

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Savings $359,200 $51,700 16.81%
Stocks $103,000 ($37,200) (26.53%)
Bonds $44,700 ($10,000) (18.28%)
Superannuation $159,100 $3,000 1.92%
House $0 - -
Investment Property $275,000 - -
Cars $7,500 - -
Personal Property $15,000 - -
$963,500 $7,500 0.78%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
House Mortgage $0 - -
IP Mortgage $133,500 - -
Credit Cards $0 - -
Total Debts $133,500 - -
Net Worth $830,000 $7,500 0.91%
*All values shown in AUD ($)
MAY 2021

Cash includes half of joint account with Robert + all my bank accounts & half of joint (with Inna) bank account + my PayPal/Cash notes
(Inna's bank accounts excluded)

Stocks is holdings (and any cash in accounts) within all ANZ & all CommSec (CommSec is not half only as I funded it fully and it is all for House)
NOTE Cash in Inna's Westpac Share Account is counted as will all go to House / Share value in there is only half counted as will sell half later for House mortgage
Not yet counting all her shares and cash as one unit - eventually might but not yet

Bonds is Rental Bond $2200
Plus Land Deposit for House $32500
Plus now also $10000 Loan to Inna (she paid $10000 in April)
Bonds: $44700

***Land should be settled in August and will be paid for in cash - there will be costs with this but overall networth will go up because the land is now worth more than contract price / Will reduce cash balance and deposit bond and pay fees to but will add value of the land as more like $370K (exact tbd) so networth will be up more / At this point may consider counting all of Inna's worth in as well - ie now a new joint entity and be done with it as already all blended****