Ikeh89's Net Worth for October 2023

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $30,500 ($5,959) (16.34%)
Emergency Fund $15,000 ($9,420) (38.57%)
Kids Savings $9,276 $91 0.99%
Stocks and Crypto $20,278 ($1,085) (5.08%)
TSP $83,032 ($5,173) (5.86%)
Vanguard IRA $64,876 ($3,009) (4.43%)
Home $215,000 ($135,000) (38.57%)
Personal Property $1,000 ($5,400) (84.38%)
Cars $42,000 $26,000 162.50%
$480,962 ($138,955) (22.42%)
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Personal Loan $5,000 $5,000 -
SoFi Credit Card $3,463 $2,037 142.85%
Total Debts $8,463 ($143,150) (94.42%)
Net Worth $472,499 $4,195 0.90%
*All values shown in USD ($)
We have officially moved from Alaska to Illinois. I have started my new job. We sold our AK home for 397K and from the profits bought a house outright (NO MORTGAGE). We sold both our AK cars and bought 2 newer VW cars. We are trying to go completely debt free! We did buy some furniture that hasn't been delivered yet that we financed for 12 months 0% interest. Also, we are replacing the furnace in the house and will be financing that 36 months 0% interest, that also hasn't come into effect yet so those two items will be coming on Novembers balance sheet. Lastly, I did take a personal loan from my mom, just to float us with a tad more cash, we will discuss a payment plan in January once we know were we stand 100% from a bills perspective. God is good!


4/5/2024 2:54:41 PM JayManC
congrats on the outright home purchase, the freedom of no longer having a mortgage must feel amazing.
4/5/2024 6:05:30 PM Ikeh89
It's awesome. I know we could have bought a bigger, newer home in maybe a different town with a mortgage, but the appeal of freedom just couldn't be beaten. Now comes saving and in a few years, buying that dream home for cash. Thanks for the positivity!!!